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Additional fields

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I am a new exited AD Reports User and the only thing I am missing is the possibility to add more AD fields in the report. Is it possible to add i.e. the field extenstionAttribute1 in a Report?


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Re: Additional fields

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Thank you for the inquiry. This request is actually one of our most common requests! Believe it or not, we have a test reporting engine we are currently testing in our lab. We'll be wiring this into Active Directory Reports within the next few minor releases. In the short term, we are adding in even more reports that people have been requesting. You can expect to see this feature added within the next few months. The good news, is most of the code has been written, we're just in the midst of getting a few more reports into the next releases and then we'll allow for a dynamic ability to select your custom attributes, etc. per your reporting needs.

Thank you again for asking about this issue.

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