Create report showing when user disabled

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Create report showing when user disabled

Post by jwoollen »

I need to create a report showing when specific users were disabled (or removed) from the AD. Direction on that would be greatly appreciated. You can even point me to a help file and I'll read it myself. I just couldn't find it.

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Re: Create report showing when user disabled

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There are 2 options to accomplish this:
1. In Users tab there is a "Disabled" user report in "User Account Status Reports" section. Just click that node from
the tree and AD Reports will load all disabled users for the selected domain.

2. You can add column "Disabled" to any user report. To do that right click to any user report and select "Customize Report", go to Grid Column Settings tab, select "Disabled" column from the "Predefined User Attributes" list and drag and drop it to the grid, click "Save & Exit". If you want to add this column to every report click "Apply Column Settings to all User reports" before you click "Save & Exit".

I hope this information will help,

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