Issue with Computer Reports in

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Issue with Computer Reports in

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Been running a customized version of the 'Inactive Enabled Computers' report. Basically, set period to 100 days and modified details returned. When report runs it returns computer records that clearly seem active e.g.

Last Login Timestamp: 2012-04-07
Password Last Set: 2012-04-13
When Changed: 2012-04-13


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Re: Issue with Computer Reports in

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I would suggest to add Last Logon column and see the result in that column.
AD Reports scans every domain controller in a domain and compares results for lastLogon attribute.

The computer would log on when it accesses a server on its own behalf, usually when applying computer group policy or when the SMS client downloads a package to install. It will log on only when it boots up and when it needs to refresh its TGT.

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