Creating reports in Excel, .csv file or other formats

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Creating reports in Excel, .csv file or other formats

Post by koco »

Heya all

Thanks for the tool. I am currently testing on my hand. Does good things. However, I think this piece of software can be alot more helpful if you allow us to create reports in excel or csv files. Formats which later on I can use to manipulate the data, change the look for different reporting purposes, meetings, analysis, ISO certification, management reports. If you export it to csv, I can import it in Excel and sort out the look and feel the way I need.

Otherwise it is good for quick checks. Which we can do even in Active Directory tool that comes with each domain controller. They have commonly user queries section.

What do you think?


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Post by IgorMax »

Hi Koco,
Hey, thanks for using and testing our tool. The reports will be available in different formats including (pdf, xls, rtf), so from PrintPreview window you just need to select what format to save to. We are working on standard and custom reports right now, including search option.
We are targeting second mid-quarter of 2008.
Stay tuned and thanks again.


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